Greg and Judy Sirmons, serving the Lord in France
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Presentating SEE

The Society for Europe Evangelisation is a small fundemental baptist mission board (see the Statement of Faith of SEE).

Though started with a European vision (see History of SEE), The Society for Europe's Evangelisation works exclusivly in France.

The strategy of the Society for Europe's Evangelisation is simple :

1) training national workers and missionary candidates at the Bible Institute at Chelles (in the suburbs of Paris)

2) establishing local churches through the ministry of evangelistic and pastoral teams

3) evangelizing France's major cities

The Lord has accomplished many things since 1956 when S.E.E. began its work in France. Teams and graduates have served indegeneous churches in all parts of the country. Through the work of S.E.E. with use of gospel teams, churches have been started in Toulouse, Muret, Perpignan, Tarbes, Montauban, Paris, Nice, Lille and Somains. Some churches planted in the southwest of France have become independent of S.E.E. The other churches form a fellowship of association of French churches (Baptist Alliance of France).

The outreach has gone beyond the bounderies of France. Missionaries trained by the I.M.T. program have worked in Haiti, Saudi Arabia, Quebec, and in the states. As a result of eight weeks in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, an evangelistic team not only saw some two thousand decisions made for salvation but also implemented an in-service training program in Abidjan in cooperation with the national church.

More than 70 young people have participated in the I.M.T. program since 1968. Most of them are serving the Lord in France or in french-speaking countries, some in full-time service and others as dedicated laymen with a burden for reaching the lost.